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Cacao & Me


Karen Thomas

Just a single mumma, baking, training & raising a boy...

The Baker's Body is based in Ipswich, Suffolk & just over a year old.  I work alone in my kitchen, baking, writing recipes & experimenting.  My passion is bringing together my love for health, fitness & bodybuilding with of course chocolate.

My classic high protein brownies have expanded a life of their own & I love creating gourmet, custom & personalised bakes

 that are guilt free. 


I bake alone, along side running my Personal Training & online coaching business.


In 2014, a healthy slim female, on a 'decent' low fat diet, long term athlete and hardly drinking any alcohol, I was diagnosed with a gallstone and ended up with acute cholecystitis.


Apparently, surgery to remove my gallbladder was my only option.  I won't go into details, however, I did not go ahead with the operation & have since taken myself to three British Bodybuilding Finals.


The body is a wonderfully intricate and beautifully designed system where there is a perfect place for carbs, protein and fats.  To me the quality of the food is just as important as the proportions. 

Nutritional content, ‘healthy’ fats, antioxidants, fibre and the Glycemic index fuel the basis for most of my recipes.  Although who doesn't enjoy a ‘cheat’ every now and then.


And chocolate!  Whether on prep or not on prep, I am a chocoholic and my son has followed suit.  I don’t ever want a life without it.  It’s delicious, tasty, indulgent and incredibly satiating.  The bulk of my baking uses 70% + dark chocolate; real chocolate, with a high cocoa content.  The cocoa is what is loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants. 

I appreciate the importance of protein in our diets, but getting the right kinds of fats and carbs play a significant role too and I have built my physique and raising my son on this. 


I have only ever wanted to create brownies and bars that are delicious and 100% fully satisfying.

Baking & Bodybuilding 


I am 100% a natural athlete.


Competing on stage accelerated my interest in diet and nutrition.  Being on prep really makes you appreciate every little bit of food that you eat.  When you are in a calorie deficit, boy do you want to make those calories count.  But you soon also realise that not all calories are created equally.  And you also learn that not all calories are quality calories.

People often view bodybuilding as an arrogant, selfish sport.  And I can see why.  However, for me and the people I have had the pleasure of meeting, it's just not the case.  Bodybuilding pushes your body to it's limits like any other sport.  It's about self care, discipline, commitment, focus, fun and strength outside as well as inside the gym.

When you step on stage it's a celebration of how hard you've worked, but not thinking that you are any better than anyone else.

If only everyone knew the journeys of every competitor that makes it to stage.

Coaching and prepping myself is tough; a real mental challenge as well as physical.  I had no choice but to learn if I wanted to compete. I couldn't financially justify a coach.  But at the end of the day, I'm still just a girl just standing in front of chocolate wanting to eat it...

“Chocolate is a cuddle from the inside.” 

- The Baker's Body -

Baking & My Boy


Since a baby, my son has suffered severe eczema. After years of using topical steroid creams and receiving no other help or advice from doctors, hospital or professionals, I decided to try my own remedies.


I began reading and the more I read the more my interest in nutrition developed.

As well as our physical health, I believe our psychological health is massively affected by the foods we eat too.  My knowledge hasn't even scratched the surface.


I was already starting to loose faith in shop bought products anyway and the endless list of unrecognisable ingredients.  I just want to know exactly what I'm eating. 

My passion and interest in health, well-being, performance, longevity, gut microbiome, epigenetics... continues to grow.


Contact Me / TEL: 0044+ 7717 723223

Please contact me with any questions or special requests. All bakings are made to order.  And made with love!

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